National Park Services photo of Camp Nelson National Monument, Kentucky

Search for a Soldier

Search for a Soldier

Search Tips

  1. Type the soldier’s first and last name into the respective boxes and click submit. This will return results of all soldiers with that name in a table.
    • The search results may display an alternate name for the soldier, so you may not see the name you know listed in the search results. For example, one soldier enlisted as John Hall but was known post-war as John Stubblefield. Viewing John Stubblefield’s Details and Documents page confirms that he enlisted as John Hall. 
  2. Find the soldier in the table, and click View (next to his name). This will direct you to that soldier’s Details and Documents page. 
  3. Scroll to the Family Tree section of the Details and Documents to view the tree, on this website or on (paid subscription to Ancestry required). 

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