Soldier Information

Name: Lewis Chapman
Alias: Chaplin[e]
Place of Birth: Unknown Hart KY
Year of Birth: 1841
Occupation: Farmer
Eyes: Dark Hair: Dark Complexion: Dark
Height in Feet: 5 Inches: 8.5
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Enlistment Information

Enlistment Date: June 28, 1864
Enlistment Place: Louisville
Enlistment State: KY

Compiled Military Service Record

Document: View
Congressional District: 5th
Company: F
Regiment(s): 108th USCI
Mustered Where: Louisville, KY
Mustered Out Date: March 21, 1866
Rank at Muster Out: Private

Soldier Death Information

Died in war? No
Military Death Date:
Military Death Location:
Military Cause of Death:
Death Date: February 4, 1895
Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Soldier Pension Information

Pension Card Link: Pension Card
Pension Application Date: February 25, 1889
Application No.: 691063 Certificate No.: 553088
Alternate First Name: Alternate Last Name:

Widow Pension Information

Widow Pension Card:
Pension Card
Widow Application Date: February 16, 1895 Application No.: 608510
Certificate No.: 421371

Other Family Pension Information

No other family pension card found

Pension File Information

Pension File: Pension File
Pensioners:    Harriet Allen

Pensioner County:  Jefferson Pensioner State: KY
Number of Pages:22
Pension Notes:

Pension file provided to Reckoning Inc. by Ron Coddington.

Freedman’s Bank/Freedmen’s Bureau Information

No Freedman’s Bank information found

No Freedmen’s Bureau Documents found

Family Information

Mother First Name:   Mother Maiden Name: 
Father First Name:   Father Last Name:

Wife #1 First Name: Harriet Maiden Name: Allen
Wife #2 First Name:  Maiden Name:
Wife #3 First Name:  Maiden Name:
Children: Bell Chapman 1858
Moss Chapman 1860

Family Notes:

Family Tree: View
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1870 Census

1870 Census Link: View
1870 Profession: Farm Laborer
1870 Live with/near former enslaver? Yes
1870 Real Estate Value: 1870 Personal Estate Value:
1870 Ability to Read? Cannot read Ability to Write? Cannot write
1870 Census Notes:

In 1870 Lewis Chapman appears in Woodsonville, Kentucky, under the name Lewis Chaplin with Harriet (his wife), and two children named Bell and Moss. In 1870 Moss was listed as a female, but in 1880 as a male.

1880 Census

1880 Census Link: View
1880 Profession:  Day Laborer
1880 Live with/near former enslaver?  Yes
1880 Ability to Read? Cannot read Ability to Write?  Cannot write
1880 Census Notes:

In 1880 Lewis “Chapline” resided with his wife Harriet; no one else was in their household. In 1880 Bell Chapline resided in Hart County as did Moss Chapline.

1890 Census

1890 Census information not found

1900 Census

1900 Census information not found

1910 Census

1910 Census information not found

1920 Census

1920 Census information not found

Enslaver Information

Name: Isaac Chapline
Location: Hart County, Kentucky
Previous Enslaver:
Enslaver Notes:

The enslaver was born in Kentucky.

In 1850 Isaac Chapline owned 8 slaves; ten years later he owned 6; there was 1 slave house in 1860. The link to the 1880 census is for Virginia, widow of Isaac, the enslaver.
The 1870 population schedule showed a black woman named Harriet Chaplin, age 65, and Charles L. Chaplin, 16, black, residing in Isaac Chaplin’s household. It is not known if they are related to Lewis and his wife Harriet Chapman/Chaplin.
Isaac Chapline died between 1870 and 1880.
FInd a Grave shows he died in 1873.
Link to Isaac Chapline Find-A-Grave memorial:

1850 Enslaver Census

1850 Census Link: View
1850 Slave Schedule Link: View
1850 Number of Enslaved: 8

1860 Enslaver Census

1860 Census Link: View
1860 Real Estate Value: $4,000
1860 Personal Estate Value: $600
1860 Slave Schedule Link: View
1860 Number of Enslaved: 6

1870 Enslaver Census

1870 Census Link: View
1870 Real Estate Value: $2,500 1870 Personal Estate Value: $200

1880 Enslaver Census

1880 Census Link: [if 230 not_equal=””]View[/if 230]

Compensation Information

Compensation Application not found

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